Wednesday, May 22, 2013

For better or worse

"Larissa, do you here in the presence of God and these witnesses declare your commitment to Marcus and choose him as the one with whom you wish to spend your life? Do you take him to be your husband, to love him, comfort him, honour and keep him, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live?"

When I was asked this on my wedding day, the answer was a resounding YES. It still is. But I think back to that day, and how happy we were. Did we really know what we were saying when we declared that we would love each other for better for worse?? That the worst time would strike only 13 months after that wonderful day? That it would drag on and on and on, as the roller-coaster of grief that started on January 28 just does not stop?

I don't have my daughter with me. But I'm so glad to have my husband, for better for worse.


Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

That you do :) Ooh, I should hunt down your wedding photos and show your niece your cake. She is OBSESSED with butterflies at the moment!

Larissa said...

Oh yeah! She would love it!

Sarah said...

Oh! I love your dress! So glad you have Marcus <3

Larissa said...

Thanks! I was happy when I found it in a shop - just perfect :)

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