Songs for Baby Loss

I've always loved music and have found a song to suit almost every major event of my life. After Ariella's birth, I searched for some songs to help me deal with what had happened. While many of you reading this will not have experienced the loss of a baby/child, I can almost guarantee that someone you know will have been through it. And so, even if this post isn't of interest to you, perhaps you know someone for whom it may be helpful. Here is the list of songs for baby loss.


*I Will Carry You - Selah
This song was written after Angie Smith, the wife of Selah's main singer, was given an "incompatible with life" diagnosis during her fourth pregnancy. Angie and Todd chose to continue the pregnancy, and this song is about how little Audrey was carried by Angie for her whole life. Beautiful words.

*Glory Baby - Watermark
You have no idea how much I listened to this particular song in the first few months. I think it's such a beautiful song. The link I have for this song (click on the song's title) is a memorial video for my friend Sarah's little Evie Caris. It's a beautiful song for a beautiful little girl.

*Still - Gerrit Hofsink
Written about his grandson, who was stillborn late in pregnancy. I adore this song, because it talks about the love for a child someone can have, even before the child is born.

Any song from the album Beauty Will Rise by Steven Curtis Chapman. My two favourites are:
*Heaven is the Face
*Beauty Will Rise
All the songs on this album were written after Steven's five year old daughter, Maria, died in a tragic accident. I bought the album a few weeks after Ariella's birth, and had it on repeat in my car for months! The video links are for clips of Steven actually singing the songs live, and I found them quite touching; you can see his emotions so clearly, especially in the clip for Heaven is the Face. I've written about the song Beauty Will Rise here.

*With Hope - Steven Curtis Chapman
This song was written before his daughter's death, but talks about how as Christians, people can say good-bye "with hope" because of the assurance of Heaven. I like it because it acknowledges that this hope does not discount or remove the pain of losing someone.

*Small Bump - Ed Sheeran
One of the few mainstream songs that I've heard of to actually address the issue of baby loss.

*My Name - George Canyon
This song is written from a stillborn baby's perspective, about how all they ever knew was love and how the parents loved them without ever knowing their name. Very touching and worth a listen.

Although not specifically about baby-loss, I've also found the following songs helpful:

*The Hurt and the Healer - MercyMe
To read my post about why I love this song, click here.

To read my thoughts about this song, click here.

I'd heard this song before, but am grateful for a friend reminding me of it. Read some more of my thoughts here.


Various other songs that people have found helpful. These may not be about baby loss directly, but have been a comfort for people regardless.

*Let Her Go - Passenger

*A Year Ago Today - Delta Goodrem

I'll add more songs as I discover them. Feel free to comment with songs that you have found helpful, and I might add them to the main post as well. 


Aprille @ said...

I pinned and tweeted this post.

Larissa said...

Thanks Aprille :)

Deana Barnes said...

Here's another: George Canyon, "My Name" This song helped me when I lost my first son 7 years ago and then again when I lost my daughter last year.

Larissa said...

What a beautiful song! I've never heard it before, but just looked it up, and wow! Very touching, and so true. We loved our babies before we knew their names. I'm so sorry to hear about you first son and daughter xx

Cle said...

Thanks Larissa for this blog.
For our daugther we chose Hallelujah (Jeff buckley) and Starway to heaven (Led Zeppelin).
And I love deeply the last sentence of Small bump.. "Maybe you were needed up there but we're still unaware as why". I whish you strenght. And all the best for your rainbow. I hope you will find the time one day to wrote a guide or something to help who decide to try again after a loss. It's too early for us, but I hope, maybe one day...

Larissa said...

Hi Cle,
Thanks for the song recommendations! I've begun working on a post about timing a rainbow baby - it's a difficult thing, because it's such a personal decision! I'll hopefully have it up in the next few weeks.

Mel Dutney said...

Hi Larissa,

Plumb also wrote a song can I want you here. If you go on youtube and type in Plumb and I want you here they also have so audio about why she wrote this song for a friend that had a little time with their baby and she got to be apart of it all. It was really good to listen too. And the song I listen to a lot at the moment. I hope that this can help someone else.


Larissa said...

Mel, I'd never heard that song before, but have just had a listen and WOW! So lovely, but heartbreakingly true at the same time.

brittany wicks said...

Chris Daughtry has a beautiful song about miscarriage called "Gone Too Soon"

Jennifer Merz said...

Dancing in the sky by Dani and Lizzy is a song that has helped me and especially my boyfriend cope with the loss of our son Jacob who was born sleeping on June 11th 2014. It's very easy to find on YouTube. Thank you for all these other songs :).

Unknown said...

Avril lavenge song when your gone and artist Janelle song Amazing or your so amazing. Hands down best song ever in remembering and reminding me of my Angel daughter who passed away from SIDS.

Christine Harries said...

Avril lavenge song when your gone and artist Janelle song Amazing or your so amazing. Hands down best song ever in remembering and reminding me of my Angel daughter who passed away from SIDS.

Rosa12 said...

Hi ladies,
thanks for your songs.
I have a little add: Villagers, nothing arrived (instrumental version)
helped me cry my eyes out when I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks..
Good luck everyone.

Unknown said...

Hello Goodbye - Michael W Smith

Angelmom33015 said...

Hug Him for Me by Erica McClure... I found it and it went straight to my heart.

Angelmom33015 said...

It's actually Hug Him Once for Me by Erica McClure

Janie Perez said...

The song Gone Too soon by Daughtry. Is helping me.

miangela30 said...

Omg thank you! I was hoping someone would mention this song. Heard it once and couldn't figure out who it was. Going to download it right now!!!

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

I really liked Nothing is Wasted by Jason Gray. Actually, his show CD was really helpful.
Also, Into the West by Annie Lennox took on a whole different tone after Griffin died.

Much love to you.

Julie Whalen said...

We played Come to Jesus by Mindy Smith at my son's funeral.

Emily Crutcher said...

This is a lovely article, thank you for sharing. I wrote a post today myself while planning my second child's funeral, it's help for others to choose music for their baby's funeral:

Emily x

Unknown said...

I have lost 9 babies... the 2 songs that got me through was third avenue north- worn and Natalia grant- held. the first line in Held is "two months is too little..." the day we found out that our last baby no longer had a heart beat we were 2 months on that day. on the way home we turned on the radio to distract us from our grief and this was the first song that played. we both cried so much we had to pull over and rest for a while. We knew then that God was with us holding us still.

Itty Bitty Beats said...

'Soaring Through Skies' and 'The Last Lullaby' by Itty Bitty Beats written after the loss of Jenny's son Leo.
Both songs and their instrumentals are on their baby loss awareness album free to download at and CDBaby.

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