Thursday, March 28, 2013

I need you to...

From Carly Marie Project Heal

I found this picture the other day, and while all of it is true, the last line really struck me:

I need you to forgive me for not being the friend that I once was

What I like about it is that it put into words what I have been thinking. It's not that people have been annoyed at me for not returning messages or for not catching up with them (at least, not that they've told me). It's the opposite - everyone has been very understanding. It's just that I like to please people, I always have. I hate it when people are annoyed at me, or think I've done something to hurt them.  I hate not being able to commit to things because I know I won't handle it well. I don't like feeling like I'm letting people down (even if, in reality, I am not)...


Felicity said...

Hey Rissie,

If you're letting people down I bombed out of this world a year ago.

You're doing an amazing job hon, no need to apologise for being different since you had a baby. That in it's self is a life changing experience!

It's a life changing thing losing someone you love. It's devastating to lose a child. Two massive life changing events all rolled into one. Of course it is going to change you!

And it's okay to cry. It's not much fun. But we can cry, and we can laugh while crying, and laugh in our tears and through our tears and sometimes despite our tears because God is still holding me, and He's still holding you.

I'm not saying you will be laughing all the time, that's just where I'm at on my journey through pain. Yours is different, but regardless, it is my hope and prayer for you that you can smile and laugh and enjoy life again, even if you are crying too.

I don't know if I am making any sense at all, but hopefully I am.

I love you very, very much.

And deep down, you're the same person, though you're never the same again.

*Big hugs*


Larissa said...

I love you too, my dear cousin. Thank you for your kind words...I certainly don't think you bombed out of this world a year ago. But hey, if ever we need to bomb out for a while, let's do it together!

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