Thursday, June 13, 2013

Things I Wonder: Heaven

Some days I wonder how Heaven works. Is Ariella a baby, little girl or older girl? I don't know, but whenever I imagine it, she's a little girl, perhaps three or four years old. I also wonder who she has met (aside from Jesus, I know she's met Him)...

Do her and sweet Evie Caris dance among the flowers? Has she met handsome little Samuel, and do they tease each other like many little boys and girls do? Did precious Jonah Pete show her around, since he's been there for longer? What about Desiree Amelie and Lucy Ann? Do the three of them sit and giggle together? Do Ariella and Baby Pierce smile at how they have brought their mums closer? 

Those are just the little ones. Has she met Geoff and Steve - two amazing men of God who would have been so excited to know that I was pregnant? 

I kind of hope so. 


Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

I imagine her as a little girl too.

Larissa said...

That seems to be the consensus :)

Sarah said...

I hope they dance among the flowers :)

I love thinking about who Evie knows in Heaven and take comfort in the grandpas I know are bouncing her on their knee and giving lots of kisses and hugs. What a wonderful place it must be <3

Larissa said...

And when we get there...they'll come up to us with a bunch that they have picked :)

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