Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A New Morning

My friend Annika wrote a beautiful poem yesterday, and I wanted to share it with you all. She dedicated it to our Ariella, as well as all the other babies lost too soon. Part of me wants to comment on which bits I find particularly applicable, but I will restrain, and just let you read this beautiful poem.

A New Morning - Annika Pearce

The dawn of a new day breaks
The horizon a hewy peach
The sun peaks over the mountains
Igniting the first morning without you

It feels like you were with me for a lifetime
It feels like you were never really here
Not ever mine to keep forever
A precious gift to look after for just a short while

Maybe God chose me because I am strong
I used to be strong and now I feel like I will crumble
He chose me to grow and nurture you
And now he has the most precious angel

The sun is sitting high in the blue
Surveying the landscape before me
Its light will never touch your face
Nor warm the coolness that overcame you

My love for you makes me cry
My smile is lost in a deep empty ocean
The jealousy stabs my heart a thousand times each beat
My arms ache and my heart is heavy without you near it

The sun falls, the blue is darkening
The world is preparing to sleep and I wish for it to never come
Sleeping stillness, that silence has defeated me forever
On that first day without you


Sarah said...

Tears ... raw memories of that first morning ... I remember it too well.
Thank you Annika and Larissa.

Larissa said...

It's such a beautiful poem; I was glad to be able to share it. That first morning was really tough, wasn't it :(

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