Sunday, April 7, 2013

When people don't respond

Most people have been amazing since Ariella was born. But a few people haven''s not a case of them saying the wrong thing, but of them saying nothing at all.
Old friends who used to be close. Newer friends who were so excited about my pregnancy. People in both categories have literally said nothing.
Most days I don't let that bug me. But sometimes, especially after a hard day, it really hurts.
The silence is deafening.
So rather than dwell on those who haven't said anything, tonight I'm going to focus on the good:
*The friend who brings over hot chocolate sachets.
*The friend who takes over a job so I can go home early.
*The friend who asks me how my day was and chooses to comfort me in my grief rather than cheer me up.
*The friends from an online parents group who gave us a few weeks worth of meals and numerous other things to help, even though I'd never met most of them
*The mums I've met through this blog and support groups, who know what to say and when.
*My husband, who is so caring even when he's hurting.
*My God, who comforts me and keeps my little girl safe.

I am blessed.


Sarah said...

It's such a battle - keeping your mind on the positive rather than thinking of all the hard things. I know how hard it is too, but I commend you. And I know the Lord is so pleased by your efforts <3

Larissa said...

Thank you Sarah :)

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