Friday, November 29, 2013

Pregnancy After Loss: Dreams for a Rainbow Baby

When a couple decides to have a baby, hope begins to form in their hearts. It's not just the hope of a child that develops, but hope for a future with that child. Dreams of what that child will look like, act like, behave like. An expectant parent dreams of the first smile, the teetering first steps and whether the first word will be mama or dada.

When parents are expecting a rainbow baby, those dreams still exist. But they aren't the dreams I think of first. Let me share with you what dreams are foremost in my mind:

I dream of a child who cries.
I long for a baby that keeps me up at night.
I hope for a child who opens their eyes.

I dream of a baby who will throw tantrums.
I long for a child who can hold my finger, not just my heart.
I hope for a child who breathes.

I dream of a child who giggles.
I long for a baby who laughs.
I hope for a child who smiles.

But most of all,

I dream of a baby who curls up. It's that simple.

I dream of a child who curls up on our chests when being held.
I long for a baby who is difficult to change because their legs are tangled up with their arms.
I hope for a child who makes us laugh with their flexibility.

Because it means they are alive.

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If you are a baby loss parent, what are your dreams for a rainbow baby?


Juna said...

I dream of having a living baby - and I have no idea what it will be like!

Larissa said...

Agreed... I really can't picture what life will look like with a baby I can bring home with me.

Cassandra Soto said...

I dreamt that my next pregnancy would give me my rainbow baby, it didn't come true :(

Larissa said...

Cassandra, I am so sorry <3

Sóley Guðmundsdóttir said...

I dream and hope for a screaming healthy baby. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby. We lost our first baby Helena Sif in october 2012. So this has been a long roller coaster journey for us.

We will hopefully get to meet our rainbow son in the beginning of september.

Larissa said...

Hoping for you too xx

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