Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy birthday Evie Caris

A year ago, on November 8 2012, a sweet little girl was born. Her name is Evie Caris, and just a few hours after she was born, she went to be with Jesus. Evie was blessed to spend her whole life being held by those who loved her most.

Sarah, thank you for your friendship this year. Thank you for the chance to remember Evie with you by wearing pink and butterflies. I'll be lighting a candle for her tonight. Much love to you, Josh and Micah.


Sarah said...

Larissa, thank you so much. Thank you for honoring my little girl and for thinking of me and sending the sweetest birthday card. Your friendship means so much to me as well ... a bond that travels across oceans and touches the deepest places of my heart. Thank you <3

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