Sunday, September 29, 2013

Capture Your Grief

Carly Marie is hosting the Capture Your Grief photo challenge for October, which is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. Each day has a topic, and those affected by pregnancy and infant loss are encouraged to take part and share their stories by the photographs they take.

I'm going to try and take part, although I will be away for a week, so I'm not sure if I'll do those days or not. I may do them early, or perhaps play catch-up once I'm home! Given the topics, I'm sure it will be quite an emotional undertaking!

I'm curious - are any of you going to take part? All the details can be found on Carly Marie's website - I highly recommend checking out the link, as it explains some of the topics and gives you some things to think about when planning your photos. And if a day will be too confronting, or too difficult, there's no reason you have to do it!


Kerlie McGerser said...

Larissa, this is a wonderful project! I just posted a list of things I want to do this month, and now I'm going to go modify it to add this! Thank you for sharing this.

Larissa said...

You're most welcome! It's only day 3, and I'm already finding it a helpful thing to do! I think I'll do a weekly summary to share my photos on here :) look forward to seeing your pictures!

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