Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ariella's Birthday Week

Next week is a significant week - it's the one year anniversary of Ariella's death and her first birthday. I have to be honest and say that it's quite difficult to think about those days. But no matter how hard those days seem to be, I still want to celebrate our girl. My friend Sarah had a "birthday week" to celebrate her little Evie. I loved the idea and decided to do likewise for Ariella. Will you join us as we spend the week celebrating the life our little girl had?

I've put together a range of different things you could do to celebrate Ariella throughout the week. If you choose to celebrate with us, please let us know.
-Take a photo and share it with us via Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #celebratingariellajade 
-Send a message telling us what you have done in her memory
-Leave a comment on this post 

For those who want to donate in her memory, three organisations have helped us a lot.
  • Heartfelt: provided our gorgeous photos of Ariella. Many of you donated to the camera project for my birthday and enough money was raised to completely cover two kits and half of another (Heartfelt covered the other half). If you would like, you could donate so that Heartfelt have to contribute less towards that third kit. My fundraising page has closed, but you can donate via the website and just write in the comments that it is in memory of Ariella Jade for the camera kits.
  • Pregnancy Loss Australia: gave us a care package on the day we found out Ariella had died. It included a teddy bear so that we had something in our arms when we left hospital. You can donate in Ariella's name and provide a teddy/care package for another grieving family.
  • Sands: provide great ongoing support. I went to a support meeting and it was the first and only place where my grief has felt normal. They rely heavily on donations and you can donate in Ariella's name.

Please feel no obligation to donate, but I thought I would suggest a few options if that is something you would like to do. Thank you in advance for any way you choose to remember and celebrate Ariella Jade next week. 


Fiona Hawkes said...

I looked on the Heartfelt website and saw the three cameras in memory of Ariella - how special. Strangely, one of the cameras is actually at the hospital where I was born, in Sydney. You have listed such good ideas on your blog - I've just donated towards a camera in memory of Ariella. I wish I could have met her in this life but look forward to doing so in heaven.

Skye Bogdanovic said...

Ariella, we remember you and celebrate your birth today. Your birth gave the world a beautiful mother, your mother, thankyou.

Larissa said...

Thank you Fi :)

Larissa said...

Skye, thank you for your kind words and for remembering our girl xx

Unknown said...

So i was searching up the name Ariella because that's my daughters name too.She is currently 8 months and I saw this come up and I stood still for a second because she was born on January 28th 2017...i thought she wasn't going to make is because after she was born she stopped breathing. She had stopped breathing because she had a stroke...with just that i went through the worse pain..and i cant imagine what you actually went through when she had finally earned her wings. I don't know you personally but I have you guys in my prayers even though this post is from 3 years ago. God bless you guys! <3 #ariella #lionofGod

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