Friday, August 9, 2013

Fab Friday

There's a group I am part of on Facebook that has decreed every Friday to be "Fabulous Friday" - that is, only positive posts are allowed in that group each Friday. I think it took the group a bit of getting used to, but I'm really glad the group admins have persisted and kept it going each week. Because last week, I thought Friday was anything BUT fabulous...

I'd had a difficult week. Too many milestones, not enough distractions (although, if I'm honest, the lack of distractions was largely due to my lack of motivation). On top of my own troubles that week, there were some things going on in the lives of friends that affected my emotions too. I got to Friday, heard some more bad news, and my bad week got even worse. As much as I wanted to vent, I knew that I couldn't do it in that Facebook group, because it was "Fabulous Friday".

Instead of venting elsewhere, the concept of Fab Friday made me stop and try to find a positive in my day. Although I thought I wouldn't be able to, when I thought hard enough, I find my positive for the day. It was so good to have to think of a positive, because there is almost always a positive in each day. Even when my baby has died.

Today, one week later, I've had a much better day. Lots of positives, including having a whole day to spend relaxing with hubby (who had a day off). A picnic lunch. A sleep-in. It's days like today that remind me that life is good. And it's always worth looking for a positive.

What's your positive thing on this Fab Friday?


rachel small said...

Thank you Larissa, you're an inspiration <3

Larissa said...

You're very kind Rach <3

Felicity said...

I got to see Thomas after choir!
My section of the choir seems to be the weakest (the great voices go for soprano, and the more timid ones stick with alto, and then those courageous souls somewhere between normal and great are a few second sopranos), but I've obviously improved a lot and my confidence is a lot better, because I was leading my section a bit today instead of thinking I'm the worst singer in the choir and I hope the conductor doesn't notice too much... yes, so very happy.

Oh, and my back doesn't hurt, I'm driving a racing car tomorrow, I got salmon on a really good special, I'm not feeling sick, semester is going quite well so far, and I have awesome as friends! (And cousins)


Rebecca said...

I got to spend the day with my crazy, but fun house-mates shopping in Rundle Mall. :)

Larissa said...

Sounds fun!

Larissa said...

My cousins are pretty awesome too ;)

Sounds like you've had a pretty good day... and yay for a special on salmon!!

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