Saturday, September 27, 2014

In and Out

Today marks the day when Levi has been out as long as he was in!

38 weeks in: 

I was tired from pregnancy and exhausted from constantly being anxious. Levi was quite wriggly, having gone from head down, to breech, then tranverse and back again within a matter of weeks.

38 weeks out:

I am no where near as tired as I was and so much less anxious. Levi is still very wriggly and I love watching him roll and crawl around our house (it's much better than when he rolled around inside!) I tell him so often how glad I am that he is alive and how much we love him. He's a very cheeky boy and is such a delight to us daily. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to watch him grow and he heals my heart a little bit more each day.


Sarah said...

Love! Such cute time lapse photos <3

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