Tuesday, August 6, 2013

She had my hands

When a baby is born, there are normally so many comments about which parent the child looks most like, which feature resembles which parent, etc. Since most people only got to see Ariella through photos, people didn't really get a chance to know what our baby girl looked like, who she resembled most, etc. Some comments were made from the photos we shared, and the majority of people said she looked most like her daddy. I love that! I got to carry her for her life, but she looked like him. Not everyone says it (those things will always be debated!) but it was probably a two-thirds majority :)

In one particular picture that we shared, I think it's so obvious that she has her daddy's nose. But people have only seen a few photos of our girl, and I realised on the weekend that there's so much that people never saw or knew. So please indulge me while I gush about my daughter for a while:

*She had my hands. Long, skinny fingers. You know how newborns will flail their arms around and often you end up getting poked in the eye? I imagine Ariella could have some serious eye-digging with her long fingers!

*She was LONG! She was 54cm (21.25") in length, which is 4cm (1.5") longer than the average (and her weight came in at just below average). Hearing that measurement made a number of things from pregnancy make sense...since my baby bump often seemed to have opposite sides moving at the same time :) Neither myself or my husband are tall, so I wonder if Ariella would have been tall, or if she was just getting a head start on the whole height thing. Her weight meant she may have fit quite nicely in the 00000 size clothes, but her long length meant there was no way that was going to happen!

*I think she had a nose and ears just like her daddy, but her cheeks looked like mine. And she had the same hairline of both her daddy and mummy, since we have pretty much the same.

*Her eyes were blue, but then again, so are the eyes of many newborns! I'll always wonder if they would have changed colour later, but I think they would have stayed blue. Hubby has blue eyes, so I think she would have taken after him.

*She had brown hair. Lots of it. And unlike the old wives tale, I didn't get the crazy amounts of heartburn that is apparently caused by the baby having lots of hair...and for that I am grateful! Seeing her brown hair for the first time was a shock, since both hubby and I were quite blonde as babies! Her hair had a slight curl to it too, which definitely matches my wavy hair, not hubby's perfectly straight hair. I had ringlets as a little girl, and I think Ariella would have had them as well. Who knows if that's true, but that's what I think :)

Thinking about what she looked like makes me wonder what this next baby will look like. In some families, the babies look practically identical while other families can have babies that look completely different! I wonder how long this baby will be, what colour hair and eyes they'll have, who they'll take after most. Only five months until we find out!


Sarah said...

What beautiful memories of Ariella! Precious little girl <3

Larissa said...


Julie said...

Oh Larissa, you're pregnant. Congratulations. Ariella will be a big angel sister. Hugs!!!

Larissa said...

Thank you! Yes, this bub is due mid January :)

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